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Walk the Walk

​How BKM helps our patients and families!!

Established in 2007, the Brandi K. McPherson Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to

helping children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, Ewing's, and other

forms of cancer. We focus primarily on those diagnosed with osteosarcoma and those who have

suffered a loss of a limb and are now amputees.


Our Patient Care Team keeps in close contact with the patient and their family. We enjoy visiting them at the hospital when in treatment and often send texts or cards of encouragement. Our welcome totes help to provide comfort while at the hospital and are filled with items that cater to the patient's favorite's list. 

BKM's mission is to walk the walk with the patient during their journey with cancer. Every patient's level of support needed is different, but The BKM Foundation Board Members and Volunteers are always ready to lace up their shoes and travel with our Heroes. 

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