Patient Updates from Friday

Ashley and I were able to visit a number of patients on Friday, the kids were happy to see us and we were thrilled to see them.

When we checked in we were greeted by an Amazing Young Man, Mr. Jairo (BKM Hero)!! Jairo is working for Children's and he is going to school to become a nurse. We are so excited to announce he had 3 interviews with Children's today, to become a resident within the hospital that took care of him while he was battling cancer. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, but let's give him some BIG PRAYERS today for an amazing outcome from his interviews.

  • Ryan ( received his last round of Chemo (Ringing the Bell for HIM), please keep this young man in your prayers for clear scans! He was able to meet Beasley and Emily Jones from the Rangers, and that really made his day!

  • Justin had a huge smile on his face, and we were able to meet his wonderful Grandmother! Justin was able to take two gift bags to his sisters, when he went home on Friday. Please continue to pray for him he is a strong young man.

  • Libby had a huge smile on her face and she loved her goodie bag, and that smile of hers is so amazing. Please continue to pray for her and her counts so she can stay on schedule for her treatment.

  • Leo was in for treatment and we were able to finally meet him, he is so shy but so strong. He speaks english, however his parents only speak spanish so he was so helpful when it came to translating for us. He was tired and we were unable to take a picture with him, but we will when we take him his "Wish Tote". Please continue to pray for him as he is going through his treatments, to keep his strength and determination going full throttle.

  • Shay was in for her treatment and "Little Miss" gets a little break and she was so excited. Shay received her "Mini Wish" and that smile and those eyebrows were on point. She has been taking some new nausea medicine and she is feeling so much better. Please continue to pray for her and her positive and witty smile.

  • Javon and Brandon were supposed to be at Children's unfortunately there were no beds available until Saturday.

We also went to visit Landrie (Not a BKM Patient), she is very near and dear to our hearts. You can find her story on Facebook (!! Please keep this family in your prayers, she is a very strong young lady, and her family is so amazingly strong.

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Justin's surgery went well on Monday, he is having a lot of pain and some fevers. He should be going home tomorrow, please keep him and his family in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

He is back at home, and done with chemo; he is currently still waiting for reconstructive surgery on his leg. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.